We are donating $1.00 per pocket pie to our local Susan Lindgren Elementary School, SLP. Meadowbrook Elementary School, Golden Valley. Growingand adding schools for the Children’s Breakfast & Lunch Funds. Children need a great meal daily so their very best can have a chance to be shown. No one likes to be hungry. It hurts. We can help. I’ve been wanting to give the pocket pies a mission of its own. It has finally found its voice. You can come to this very page and watch this donation site grow monthly. You’re going to love this snack.

Enjoy your next or first pocket with knowing you’re about to help a little one. Made from scratch our organic fruit filling with our crunchy award winning buttery crust.

Please donate to this very special ongoing project.

Donation Totals Updated:

H PIES-Pocket Pies Project

4-Pocket Pies = $32
6-Pocket Pies= $48
5.5″ in size
4 pack or 6 pack (One flavor per pack)

Pick up times: Tue. Wed. & Fri. 12-5pm. Sat. 11am-1pm.

Organic Fruit Choices
MN. Apple/Cinnamon/Butter or Apple Crisp Crumble
MN. Blueberry

MN. Peach
MN. Cherry Cherry

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