Heather’s Pie Class

There’s always a place at my table for you and you’re cherished mom, friend, sister or bro. wishing to gain stronger skills with pie.

Let’s do this. I’ve made it very accessible for everyone.

I’ll teach you the art of making sweet pies-starting with the butter crust. (There is a right way to this).

Many moments of “un-teaching”seems to take lead in the process. Guess what? Our Grandma’s were doing it wrong-kind of.  It’s important to learn how to make a great crust right from the very beginning as it’s the base for so many recipes. 

I love teaching this process. ps: I don’t bite. I’m here to teach you all about the joy’s of pie making skills that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Cost: $110. per person for your 2-3 Hour Session.                              

Classes are held on Saturdays 12-2:30pm.

Minimum 4 per class when signing on for your class.



Here is what will happen:

Learning how to make a Butter Crust for the 8″ Apple Pie you’ll make and (take & bake at home) along with your recipe to take as well.

One Rolling Pin for you to use in the class which is gifted to you and for your use for future pie baking days ahead or for a protection weapon-your call.

A Farmhouse Style Lunch is served with my Vegetarian Farmhouse Style Sweet & Savory Tart along with a delicious Farmhouse Style Salad.

Raspberry Spritzers. (non-alcohol classes)

You’re going to come away from this class with new tools to make beautiful crusts and delicious pies for your team family. It takes time to make a good tasting pie. So, I want you to come here without pressure on yourself to perform. It’s not how I work. I love to teach this class and other classes with pies etc… 

Bring your Girlfriends, Moms, Husbands, Besties. Make it as a gift to a loved one or give a gift certificate for a time that fits the other person.

Feel free to Contact Heather with any questions. 


 Call Heather’s Pies @ 952-905-0608