When is Pi Day?

When is Pie Day?

While Pie’s have always been a historical part of celebrations from the savory meat pies of the 16th century to the sweet sensations they are more known for today; there has not been a day just for celebrating pie until just in the past 30 years.
The History of Pi Day

Many people will refer to an individual’s birthday as their cake day, but a pie day has always had a set in stone date. But most people assume that Pi Day is March 14th since pi is (3.14.) But the history of pi day, is a little more complex than that.
In modern history there has been a Pi Day celebration since as early as 1988 when Larry Shaw, a physicist from San Francisco, threw his first pi day party. This is where the most common date for Pi Day has begun.
However, there are multiple approximations that have also taken hold as the national Pi Day as well.

Other Notable Pi Days

March 4th will often mark the 14% of the month being complete, prompting a 3 14%
April 5th is when 3.14 months have passed since the beginning of the year.
November 10th (sometimes the 9th) will be when 314 days have elapsed since the start of the (leap) year.
July 22th is the most complex date and it is the approximation Pi day (3.14 fractionally is 22/7)

Heather’s Pi Days

Luckily if you’re in the pie business every day is pi day. We will typically recognize the March 14th Pi date as our official pi day since it seems to be the most recognized day for pie across the world. Though if you ever want us to bake you a pie on any of these other dates, we’d be more than happy to make that work for you. What about you? When do you think would be a great day to celebrate pie?